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KSRE Horticulture How-to Videos

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   10 Tips for Selecting Plants
   Accent Flowers
   Add Some Color to Your Landscape
   All Shade is Not Equal
   Asparagus: Growing
   Bagworms: Controlling
   Beautiful Flowers Start with Plants Adapted for Kansas
   Blueberries: Tips for Growing in Kansas
   Building a Raised Bed
   Bushy Annuals
   Butterfly Gardens
   Cannas: Shorter and More Colorful
   Cantaloupe: Varieties for Small Spaces
   Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Your Lawn
   Coldframes and Hotbeds
   Container Gardening
   Crabgrass Prevention in Lawns
   Daylilies: Dividing
   Drying Flowers - Long Lasting and Colorful
   Earth Kind Soils
   Efficient Water Use in the Garden
   Fertilizing Lawns: Slow and Quick Release Fertilizers
   Fertilizing Your Garden
   Flail mowing Sorghum-Sudangrass cover crop
   Flower Bed Design
   Flower Bed Design with Herbs
   Fruit Trees, Pruning
   Grapes, Pruning
   Grow Your Own Salad Mix
   Growing Fruit in a Small Urban Landscape
   Growing Plants from Seed
   Growing Vegetables Vertically
   Growing Vegetables in Containers
   Growing Veggies in Pots: Select the Right Size
   Herbs for the Kitchen
   Herbs, Harvesting
   Hostas for Low-Maintenance Gardening
   Hotbeds and Coldframes
   How to Grow Big, Bushy Mums
   Hydrangeas: Choose the Best Type for Your Location
   Identify Insects Before Treating
   Improving Soil for Gardens
   Insects: Physically Removing Them
   Investing in Tools: Small to Large Gardens
   Irrigation for Gardens, Making a Drip System
   Irrigation for Gardens: How to Save Water
   Lantanas: Hardy, and They Attract Butterflies
   Lawnmower Maintenance
   Lettuce: Harvesting
   Lettuce: Transplanting to Garden
   Low Tunnels Extend the Growing Season
   Making Your Own Seed Tape
   Maximizing Your Garden Space
   Medicinal and Culinary Herbs
   Mow Lawn at Recommended Height
   Mower Blade: How to Sharpen
   Mowing Lawns: Use the 1/3 Rule
   Ornamental Grasses: Pruning
   Ornamental Millet: Colorful Foliage with and Extra Bonus
   Ornamental Peppers & Grasses Provide Contrast
   Peas, Easy to Grow
   Peppers: Hot to Mild
   Perennial Flowers: Dividing
   Petunias: New Varieties
   Petunias: Super Petunias Grow Big
   Planting Bright, Colorful Foliage
   Planting Flowers from Seed is Economical
   Planting Tool: Planting Board
   Planting Trees Near Utilities
   Planting a Garden
   Planting a Tree
   Proven Winner Flowers
   Pruning Fruit Trees
   Pruning Shade Trees
   Rain Sensors Save Water
   Rhododendrons or Azaleas: Tips for Success
   Safety Tips and More for Mowing Lawns
   Saving Money on Seeds and Plants
   Seed Tape for Vegetables
   Seed or Plants. Which is Better?
   Selecting Shrubs for Your Home
   Selecting Shrubs: Check the Root Ball
   Selecting a Tree
   Selecting the Best Transplant
   Self-Watering Planter Saves Time
   Spread Fertilizer Evenly on Yard
   Spreaders, Using Rotary and Drop Spreaders
   Spring Clean-up of Perennial Beds
   Squash Vine Borers
   Strawberries: Removing Straw Mulch
   Stretching Your Food Dollars: What to Plant
   Succession Planting of Vegetables
   Sweet Potatoes: Ornamental
   Tips for Using Natural Pesticides
   Tips for Watering Your Lawn
   Tomato Grafting: The Process
   Tomatoes Need Support
   Tomatoes: Grafting for Disease Management in Organic Production
   Tree Planting, Consider Mature Size
   Tree Planting, Consider Mature Size
   Tree Selection Tips
   Tree, How to Plant
   Trees: Water Wise Way to Irrigate Trees
   Vegetables; Planning Your Priorities
   Water Teepees Protect Plant
   Watering Young Trees
   Watering Your Garden: Tips for Success
   Watering in the Zone
   Weed Control when Planting Grass Seed