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KSRE Horticulture How-to Videos

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   Bagworms: Controlling
   Blueberries: Tips for Growing in Kansas
   Bulbs: Planting for Spring Color
   Bulbs: Storing Tender Bulbs for Winter
   Butterfly Gardens
   Choosing the Best Fertilizer for Your Lawn
   Cleaning Extends the Life of Garden Tools
   Cleaning Up Your Garden in the Fall
   Colorful Fall Veggies
   Cuttings to Grow Inside for the Winter
   Cuttings to Grow Inside for the Winter
   Daylilies: Dividing
   Decorating a Flowerpot for the Holidays
   Earth Kind Soils
   Fertilize Trees for Healthy, Vigorous Growth
   Fertilize the Lawn for a Healthy Lawn
   Fertilizing Lawns: Slow and Quick Release Fertilizers
   Flail mowing Sorghum-Sudangrass cover crop
   Garlic: Easy to Grow and Store
   Geraniums: Overwintering
   Herbs, Harvesting
   High Quality Grass Seed: Worth the Extra Cost
   Hydrangeas: Choose the Best Type for Your Location
   Identify Insects Before Treating
   Insects: Physically Removing Them
   Irrigation for Gardens, Making a Drip System
   Leaf Raking: Try Mowing Instead
   Lettuce: Harvesting
   Low Tunnels Extend the Growing Season
   Mow Lawn at Recommended Height
   Mowing Lawns: Use the 1/3 Rule
   Ornamental Grasses Have Interesting Seed Heads
   Overseeding Your Lawn
   Pears: Tips on Harvesting
   Peonies: Dividing Peonies to Share
   Peppers, Storing and Preserving
   Perennial Flowers: Dividing
   Planting Trees Near Utilities
   Planting a Fall Garden
   Planting a Tree
   Rain Sensors Save Water
   Reseeding a Patch of Lawn
   Roses: Protecting for the Winter
   Safety Tips and More for Mowing Lawns
   Saving Flower Seeds
   Selecting Shrubs for Your Home
   Selecting Shrubs: Check the Root Ball
   Selecting a Tree
   Spread Fertilizer Evenly on Yard
   Spreaders, Using Rotary and Drop Spreaders
   Tips for Using Natural Pesticides
   Tips for Watering Your Lawn
   Tomato Grafting: The Process
   Tomatoes: Grafting for Disease Management in Organic Production
   Transforming Leaves from Trash to Treasure
   Tree Planting, Consider Mature Size
   Tree Planting, Consider Mature Size
   Tree Selection Tips
   Tree, How to Plant
   Trees: Water Wise Way to Irrigate Trees
   Watering Young Trees
   Watering in the Zone
   Will Fall Mums Last Through the Winter?