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Flowers and Ornamental Grasses
   10 Tips for Selecting Plants
   Accent Flowers
   Add Some Color to Your Landscape
   All Shade is Not Equal
   Beautiful Flowers Start with Plants Adapted for Kansas
   Bulbs: Planting for Spring Color
Bulbs: Planting for Spring Color

   Bulbs: Storing Tender Bulbs for Winter
   Bushy Annuals
   Butterfly Gardens
   Cannas: Shorter and More Colorful
   Container Gardening
   Cuttings to Grow Inside for the Winter
   Daylilies: Dividing
   Decorating a Flowerpot for the Holidays
   Drying Flowers - Long Lasting and Colorful
   Flower Bed Design
   Geraniums: Overwintering
   Growing Plants from Seed
   How to Grow Big, Bushy Mums
   Identify Insects Before Treating
   Iris: Dividing
   Iron Chlorosis in Plants
   Lantanas: Hardy, and They Attract Butterflies
   Mulch: Beneficial for Flowerbeds
   Native Plants Thrive on Less Water
   Ornamental Grasses Come in Lots of Shapes and Textures
   Ornamental Grasses Have Interesting Seed Heads
   Ornamental Grasses: Pruning
   Ornamental Millet: Colorful Foliage with and Extra Bonus
   Ornamental Peppers & Grasses Provide Contrast
   Peonies: Dividing Peonies to Share
   Perennial Flowers: Dividing
   Petunias: New Varieties
   Petunias: Super Petunias Grow Big
   Planting Bright, Colorful Foliage
   Planting Flowers from Seed is Economical
   Prairie Flowers: Hardy for Kansas
   Proven Winner Flowers
   Roses: Caring for Knock Out Roses
   Roses: Protecting for the Winter
   Saving Flower Seeds
   Saving Money on Seeds and Plants
   Seed or Plants. Which is Better?
   Spring Clean-up of Perennial Beds
   Sweet Potatoes: Ornamental
   Tips for Using Natural Pesticides
   Will Fall Mums Last Through the Winter?