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Horticulture Scholarships Available

College of Agriculture Outstanding Seniors: An honorary award to one or two seniors who have excelled both in and out of the classroom.

Hummert’s International Outstanding Senior Award:  ($500) Awarded by nomination each spring by student’s academic advisor.

Contact Dr. Cathie Lavis, clavis@ksu.edu

K-State Master Gardener Scholarships:

  • Johnson County Master Gardener Scholarship. ($2,000) Typically due late May.
  • Douglas County  Master Gardener Scholarship. ($1,000) Typically due early April.
  • Sedgwick County Extension Master Gardener Scholarship.  ($500) Typically due February 1.

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Contact Dr. Kim Williams, kwilliam@ksu.edu or Chad Miller, ctmiller@K-state.edu

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Contact Dr. Cathie Lavis, clavis@ksu.edu or Chad Miller, ctmiller@K-state.edu

  • GIE Media Horticultural Scholarship: An award established to support academic scholarship and business internship placements for outstanding students in the landscape, greenhouse, nursery, golf course and garden center industries, focused on leading the green industry. Applications are due April 15.  Internship Application.pdf
  • Kansas Arborist Association Scholarship: Two-$1000 scholarships awarded in late December. Applications due: December 1 to Dr. Cathie Lavis.
  • Midwestern Chapter of International Society of Arboriculture (MWISA): ($1000) Applications due in November. Contact Dr. Cathie Lavis for further information. Applications available via the MWISA website: www.mwisa.org
  • The Tree Research & Education Endowment Fund:  The TREE Fund, awards up to 4 student scholarships annually through its Robert Felix Memorial Fund. Each scholarship is non-repeating but can be applied for annually. The scholarship recipients must be pursuing a career in Arboriculture. The scholarship amounts are $3000 each. The scholarships will be awarded one half in each semester of the school year. http://www.treefund.org/scholarships
  • Western Nursery & Landscape Association (ANLA) Scholarship:  Awarded to attend the Western Nursery & Landscape Association conference held in early January and to attend the ANLA Management Clinic held in February in Louisville, Kentucky. Applications can be found online and are due in October: http://www.wnla.org/association_scholarships.vp.html

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Contact Dr. Candice Shoemaker, cshoemak@ksu.edu

  • Ann Lane Mavromatis Scholarship: You must be nominated for this scholarship; if interested contact Dr. Candice Shoemaker.
  • Woman's National Farm and Garden Association's Alice Wessels Burlingame Horticultural Therapy Scholarship: You must be nominated for this scholarship; if interested contact Dr. Candice Shoemaker.

Contact Dr. Cathie Lavis, clavis@ksu.edu

  • Dr. Frank Morrison Fruit Growers Scholarship:  ($500) Applications due December 1.

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Contact Dr. Jack Fry (jfry@ksu.edu)

  • Trans Mississippi Golf Association Scholarships: www.trans-miss.com  One scholarship available at $3,000 and one at $1,500 Pick up application on Dr. Keeley's door; include resume with application. Must be returned to Dr. Keeley approximately mid-October.
  • Bayer Scholarship:  One scholarship available at $1,000. The Trans-Mississsippi scholarship form is used to determine the winners. Note - you do not have to be a golf course student.
  • Copple Scholarship (Kansas Golf Association):  One scholarship available at $2,000. Application must be sent directly to the KGA by the yearly October date. www.kansasgolf.org/foundation/scholarships/
  • Heart of America Golf Course Superintendents Association:  Several scholarships available of varying amounts.  See www.hagcsa.org/scholarships.htm to download application. Application must be sent directly to HAGCSA by late October.
  • Kansas Chapter Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) $1000.  Applications due in August.

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Apply through K-State  by Nov. 1 (senior year of high school) or Feb. 1 prior to each academic year (K-State scholarship page).

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