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Horticulture 2015 Newsletter
  • Video of the Week:   Mouse Damage to Fruit Trees/Plants
  • Poinsettia Care
  • Controlling Volunteer Trees
  • Ice Melters
  • Using Old Garden Seed

  • Video of the Week:  Moth Orchids:  Easy to Grow
  • Kansas Turfgrass Conference in conjunction with Kansas Nursery & Landscape Assn.
  • Dormant Seeding of Turfgrass
  • Water Landscape Plants
  • Compost Pile Maintenance
  • Poor Drainage in Garden Areas
  • Storing Power Equipment for Winter

  • Video of the Week:  Plant Amaryllis Bulbs for Winter Color
  • Pruning Shrubs
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Winterizing Strawberry Plants
  • Ashes in the Garden
  • Garden Soil Preparation - It's Not Too Late
  • High pH Soils and What to Do with Them
  • Iron Chlorosis and Calcareous Soils

  • Video of the Week:  Indoor Palms
  • Kansas Turfgrass Conference in conjunction with the Kansas Nursery & Landscape Assn.
  • Fall Care of Peonies
  • Soil Prep Now for Peas Next Spring
  • Knotweed Control
  • Begin Rabbit Protection Now
  • Horseradish

  • Video of the Week:  Spider Plants and Exotic Ferns
  • Winterizing Roses
  • Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
  • Draining Hoses and irrigation Lines
  • Keep Compost Pile Moist
  • Winter Care of Houseplants
  • Video of the Week:  Will Fall Mums Last Through the Winter?
  • Apply Late-Season Nitrogen Application in November
  • Garden Mums
  • Perennial Garden Clean-Up
  • There is Still Time to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs
  • What is the "Wild" Shrub with the Bright Red Berries?
  • Preserving Garden Tools

  • Control Broadleaf Weeds in Lawns in Late October - Early November
  • Tree Leaves and Turf
  • Tucking Your Lawnmower in for the Winter
  • Hardiness of Cool-Season Vegetables
  • Winter Mulching of Vegetables
  • Natural Needle Drop on Conifers
  • My Oaks are Raining Worms
  • Why No Black Walnuts this Year?

  • Video of the Week:  Planting Bulbs for Spring Color
  • Upcoming Events
  • Why Late Lawn Seeding Often Fails
  • Winter Storage of Summer Bulbs
  • Nurseries and Garden Centers Marketing Initiatives Survey
  • Fall is a Good Time for Soil Testing
  • Work Garden Soil in the Fall
  • Amending Soils with Sand

  • Video of the Week:  Overwintering Geraniums
  • Upcoming Events
  • Last Tomatoes of the Season
  • Peppers in the Garden
  • Fall Planting of Asparagus & Rhubarb
  • Frost on Lawns
  • Should You Let Turf Grow Tall in the Fall
  • Fall Color of Trees
  • Oak Leaf Itch Mites
  • Video of the Week:  Storing and Preserving Peppers
  • Fruit Planting Preparation
  • Fertilize Spring-flowering Bulbs
  • Preventing Sunscald on Thin-Barked Trees
  • Questions on Ornamental Grasses
  • Marketing Initiatives Survey
  • Soil Tests and Plant Growth

  • Video of the Week:  Protecting Fruit Trees from Deer
  • Time to Plant Spring-flowering Bulbs
  • Bringing Amaryllis Back into Bloom
  • Rotation of Vegetable Crops
  • Be on the Lookout for Goldenrod Soldier Beetles
  • Twig Girdler
  • Why Do Houseplants Lose Leaves After Being Brought Inside?

  • Video of the Week:  Cuttings to Grow Inside for the Winter
  • Lawn Seeding Deadline Nears
  • Plantings Trees in the Fall
  • Adding Organic Materials Directly to the Garden
  • Garlic Planting Time
  • Moving Houseplants Inside for the Winter

  • Video of the Week:  Dividing Peonies
  • Garden Spiders
  • Reblooming Christmas and Thanksgiving Cacti
  • Harvesting Sweet Potatoes
  • Honeydew
  • September Sedum
  • Harvesting and Roasting Sunflower Seeds
  • Ornamental Sweet Potatoes

  • Video of the Week:  Tips on Harvesting Pears
  • Dividing Peonies
  • Asparagus and Rhubarb in the Autumn Season
  • Weird Squash
  • Storing Apples
  • Little Barley in Lawns
  • Organic Sources of Nitrogen Fertilizers

  • Video of the Week:  Overseeding Your Lawn
  • Power Raking and Core Aeration
  • Turf in Shade
  • Small Peaches
  • Peonies May Be Cut Back Now
  • Spring Flowering Shrubs
  • Mycosphaerella Leaf Spot on Ash
  • Fall Webworm

  • Video of the Week:  Storing and Preserving Peppers
  • Give Cool-Season Grasses a Boost
  • Trees Losing Bark and Dying
  • Pear Harvest
  • Harvesting Winter Squash
  • Dividing Daylilies

  • Video of the Week:  When is a Watermelon Ripe on the Vine?
  • Upcoming Events
  • For Seeding Success, Pay Attention to "Other Crop" on the Seed Label
  • Recommended Tall Fescue Cultivars
  • Kentucky Bluegrass Variety Selection for Cool-Season Lawns
  • Fertilize Strawberries
  • Field Dodder
  • Green June Beetles
  • Tomatoes & Stinkbugs

  • Video of the Week:  When is Cantaloupe Ripe on the Vine?
  •  Upcoming Events
  •  When are Apples Ready to Pick?
  •  Still Time for Salad Garden
  •  Elm Leaf Beetle
  •  Pesticide Effectiveness

July 28, 2015

  • Video of the Week: When to Harvest Eggplant
  • Kansas Turf & Ornamentals Field Day
  • K-State Fruit & Vegetable Research Field Day
  • Common Smut on Sweet Corn
  • Blossom-End Rot
  • How to Pick a Ripe Melon
  • Peony "Measles"
  • Grasshoppers
  • Twig Dieback on Oak


July 21, 2015

  • Video of the Week: Spider Mites
  • Upcoming Events
  • Tubakia Leaf Spot of Oak
  • Squirrel Damage to Trees
  • Cicada Killer Wasps
  • Look for Bagworms Now
  • Blister Beetles
  • Squash Vine Borer
  • Watering May be Needed This Summer
  • Inexpensive Method of Watering Trees

July 14, 2015

  • Video of the Week: Dividing Iris
  • Dividing Iris
  • To Ditch Dig or Not Ditch Dig?
  • Flatid  Planthoppers
  • Spider Mites on Tomatoes
  • Squash Bug Control
  • When to Pick Peaches
  • Robin Ruether Awarded the "Top 40 under 40" Award

July 7, 2015

  • Video of the Week: Mulch: Trees Need to Breathe
  • Bermudagrass Control
  • Prop Up Fruit Tree Limbs if Needed
  • Tan or White Drupelets on Blackberry and Raspberry Fruit
  • Harvesting Potatoes
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Walnut Caterpillars
  • Spittlebugs on Eastern Redbud
  • Herbicide Drift Damage
  • Video of the Week:  Harvesting and Storing Onions
  • When to Pick Blackberries
  • Brown Rot on Stone Fruit
  • Brown Patch on Fescue
  • Pulling Onions
  • Raccoons and Sweet Corn
  • Sweet Corn Earworm

  • Video of the Week:  Water-Wise Ways to Irrigate Trees
  • Upcoming Events
  • Grub Control in Lawns
  • Slime Molds
  • Strawberry Bed Renewal
  • Vegetables Produce Flowers but no Fruit
  • "Miller Moths" = Army Cutworm Moths
  • Vinegar as a Herbicide

  • Video of the Week:  Tomato Problems
  • Bacterial Spot of Peach
  • Tomato Leaf-Spot Diseases
  • "Tomatoes" on Potatoes
  • Rose Rosette
  • Borer Control in Peaches
  • Squash Bugs
  • Elm Flea Weevil

  • Video of the Week:  Controlling Yellow Nutsedge in Your Lawn
  • New Potatoes
  • Do Not Over-Fertilize Tomatoes
  • Fruit Reminders
  • How Healthy is My Tree?
  • Propagating Woody Plants from Softwood Cutting
  • Little Barley in Lawns
  • Flooding Damage

  • Video of the Week: Controlling Clover in Your Lawn
  • Sidedressing Annual Flowers
  • Deadheading Flowers
  • Pinching Mums
  • Rust on Hollyhock
  • Iris Borers
  • Ladybird Beetles
  • After-Effects of Too Much Rain


  • Video of the Week:  How Often to Water Lawns
  • Too Wet to Mow the Lawn
  • Thatch Control in Warm-Season Lawns
  • Time to Fertilize Warm-Season Grasses
  • Trees Not Leafing Out
  • Sidedressing Chart Available
  • Excessive Rain Can Cause Leaf Problems
  • Bristly Rose Slug

  • Video of the Week:  Harvesting Lettuce
  • Upcoming Events
  • Mulching Tomatoes
  • Controlling Yellow Nutsedge in Lawns
  • Recent Rains Trigger Mushroom Development
  • Control of Prostrate Spurge
  • Fireblight on Apple and Pear
  • Vein Pocket Galls on Oak
  • Iris Bacterial Soft Rot

  • Video of the Week:  Tips on Applying Mulch
  • 'Staggering' Sweetcorn Planting
  • Thinning Excess  Fruit
  • Cabbage Worms
  • Cucumber Beetles and Bacterial Wilt
  • 17-Year Cicadas: 2015 is the Year
  • Moving Houseplants Outside for the Summer

  • Video of the Week: Hydrangea: Macrophylla
  • Peaches and Apricots
  • Fruit Sprays and Spray Water pH
  • Protecting New Vegetable Transplants from Wind
  • Rabbits in the Garden
  • Family Heritage Gardening
  • Ash Sawfly
  • Elm Pocket Gall
  • Aphids
  • Blackspot of Roses

  • Video of the Week:  Supertunias Grow Big
  • Fertilize Irrigation Cool-Season Lawns in May
  • Controlling Wild Violets in Lawns
  • Fertilizing Grapes
  • Fruit Tree Sprays and Rain
  • Sweet Corn Primer
  • Field Bindweed Control
  • Leaves and Seed Pods from Last Season Didn't Fall
  • Asparagus Beetles
  • Brownheaded Ash Sawflies

  • Video of the Week:  Growing Vegetables in Containers
  • Setting out Tomatoes Early
  • Help for New Vegetable Gardeners
  • Fertilizing Strawberries and Brambles
  • Fertilizing Blueberries
  • Eliminating Unwanted Fruit from Trees
  • Skip the Detergent
  • Poison Ivy Identification and Control

  • Video of the Week: Easy to Make: Row Planting Tool
  • Remove Blossoms on Newly Planted Strawberries
  • Fertilizing Cole Crops
  • Ash/Lilac Borer
  • Borers on Pines
  • Carpenter Bees
  • Termites or Ants
  • Controlling Broadleaf Weeds in Lawns in the Spring
  • Use a String Line and Planting Board

  • Video of the Week:  Crabgrass Prevention in Lawns
  • Seeding Cool-Season Lawns in the Spring
  • Blanching Cauliflower
  • Controlling Weeds in Strawberries
  • Fertilizing the Home Orchard
  • Ants in the Home
  • First Generation Nantucket Pine Tip Moth
  • Butterfly Gardening
  • Setting Up Water Teepees


March 31, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Self-Watering Planter Saves Time
  • Starting Tomatoes Early
  • Herbicides for Home Vegetable Gardens
  • Proper Timing for Crabgrass Preventers
  • How Low Should You Go?
  • Brown Coloration and Junipers
  • Laying Plastic Mulch
  • Organic Sources of Nitrogen Fertilizers
  • Eastern Tent Caterpillars

March 24, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Caring for Knockout Roses
  • Care for Spring-Flowering Bulbs
  • Preventing Weeds in Flower Beds
  • Asparagus Time
  • Apple Tree Sprays
  • Frost Tolerance of Apricots and Peaches
  • Proper Timing for Crabgrass Preventers
  • Transplant Solutions and Sidedressing

March 17, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Pruning Fruit Trees
  • Core Aeration of Cool-Season Lawns
  • Frost Proof Vegetable Plants
  • Controlling Weeds in Home Garden Asparagus Beds
  • Remove Fern and Fertilize Asparagus
  • Pruning Hybrid-Tea Roses
  • Breaking the Pine Wilt Cycle
  • Wild Garlic, Wild Onion and Star-of-Bethlehem


March 10, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Pruning Grape Vines
  • Time to Plant Potatoes Approaching
  • Rhubarb
  • Pruning Raspberries and Blackberries
  • Managing Turf in Shade
  • Ten Rules for Planting Trees
  • Adding Organic Matter in the Spring


March 3, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Growing Asparagus
  • Bolting and Buttoning in Cole Crop Plants
  • Strawberry Mulch Removal
  • Fertilizing Perennial Flowers
  • Seven-son Flower
  • Cut Back Ornamentals
  • Pruning Deciduous Shrubs
  • Video of the Week:  Soil Testing
  • Lawn Calendar for Warm-Season Grasses
  • Lawn Calendar for Buffalograss
  • Growing Blueberries
  • Blueberries in Containers
  • Cure the Itch by Planting Peas
  • Iris Leaf Spot Control Starts Now
  • Don't Work Wet Soil
  • Repotting Houseplants


February 17, 2015

  • Video of the Week: Grow Light - How to Make
  • Planting Asparagus
  • Lettuce
  • What Fruit Trees to Plant?
  • An Easy Way to Propagate Houseplants
  • Soil Tests When Soils are Wet
  • Leaching Houseplants

February 10, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Succulents and Cacti: How to Water
  • Handling Tips for Valentine's Day Roses
  • Lawn Calendar for Cool-Season Grasses
  • Pruning Overgrown Apple Trees
  • Soil Temperature and Vegetables
  • Soil Testing
  • What a Soil Test Does Not Tell You
  • "Selling at Farmer's Market" Webinar for KSRE Professionals Archived

February 3, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Tips for Growing Blueberries
  • Approaching Time for Peach Leaf Curl Control
  • Dormant Oil Sprays for Fruit Trees
  • Pruning Fruit Trees
  • Pruning Young Fruit Trees
  • Rabbit Resistant Flowers
  • Tomato Test:  Fruit Size
  • Check Plants for Scale Insects
  • Local Seed Sources (Addendum)

January 27, 2015


January 20, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Flower Bed Design
  • Upcoming Events
  • Fruit Trees and Frost
  • Start Trees Off Right
  • All-American Selection Winners for 2015
  • Bird Feeding
  • Growing Your Own Firewood
  • Bringing Houseplants Down to Size


January 13, 2015

  • Video of the Week:  Palms, Indoor Care
  • How Much Can a Vegetable Garden Save in Food Costs?
  • Sources for Tomato Seed
  • Call for Local Sources of Vegetable Seed
  • "Selling at Farmer's Markets" Webinar for KSRE Professionals
  • Newer Fluorescent Lights Available for Indoor Gardeners
  • Conservation Trees from the Kansas Forest Service


January 6, 2015

  • Video of the week:  Succulent Plants for your Home
  • Great Plains Growers Conference
  • Horticulture Newsletter Now Available in Blog Format
  • Starting Onion Plants Indoors
  • Using Old Garden Seed
  • Vegetable and Flower Seeding Table
  • Forcing Paperwhite Bulbs
  • Starting Transplants from Seed
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