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2014 HFRR Spring Seminar Schedule

Feb. 24 Rhonda Janke, HFRR, Sustainable Farming Practices in a Land Half as Old as Time-Jordan and Oman
Mar. 3
Martin Courtois, Hale Library, Open Access and the K-State Research Exchange
Mar. 10 Zane Raudenbush, Alan Tajchman, HFRR, Encouraging Hands on Learning with Golf Course
Management Students; Summer Occupancy of Food Plots Across Kansas
Mar. 17 No Seminar - Spring Break
Mar. 24 Matt Wilson, HFRR, A Pine Wilt Proof Landscape for Kansas: What We've Learned Thus Far? And Using Google MapsTM as a Study Aid in Plant Identification Courses
Mar. 31 Kim Williams, HFRR, Sabbatical Travel Down Under and What It Means for K-State Horticulture
Gregory Tammen, Communication & Marketing, A Global Food Horizon
Apr. 14 Ying Hu, HFRR, Silenced Expression of Rice Glutaredoxin Gene OsGRXS17 Confers Drought Tolerance in Rice [Oryza sativa L. ssp. Japonica (cv. Nipponbare)]
Apr. 21 Pabodha Galgamuna, Franklin Lewis, HFRR, TBA
Apr. 28 Alan Tajchman, Chandalar Randall, HFRR, Food Plot Seed Mix Germination
Phillip Barnes, Biol. & Agri. Engineering, Waters of Kansas, Issues of Quantity and Quality

Note: All seminars are on Tuesdays at 4 pm in Throckmorton 2024 unless otherwise noted. Refreshments are served at 3:45. Watch for flyers posted around our Department prior to each seminar.  Everyone is welcome. 

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